About SM经典合集

Mission Statement

Empowering students and enriching communities through education.

Vision Statement

SM经典合集 will be a leader in higher education, inspiring academic excellence and driving community development.


SM经典合集 is committed to the highest ethical and professional standards of conduct. Employees and constituents recognize that the College is held in trust for the community. The college is committed to the following:

  • Integrity 鈥 We commit to building trust through open, honest communication and transparent decision-making.
  • Diversity 鈥 We value diverse identities and perspectives, and are committed to fostering an inclusive community that embraces our differences as essential for success.
  • Learning 鈥 We energize our community through continuous personal and intellectual growth, curiosity, innovation, and adaptation.
  • Service 鈥 We strengthen our region through responsible citizenship and environmental stewardship.
  • Empowerment 鈥 We equip our students and employees with the resources and tools needed to be successful, resilient, and courageous leaders in a changing world.
  • Collaboration 鈥 We rely on teamwork to accomplish our common goals.

Student Experience Statement

SM经典合集 aims to provide a quality education exemplified by a transformative and empowering student experience. That student experience is characterized by:

  • An engaging education that is academically challenging and personally meaningful.
  • Innovative programs and services that equip students to become critical thinkers and leaders prepared for the future.
  • A supportive community designed to motivate and inspire students toward life-long learning.
  • Memorable relationships with faculty and staff mentors that help shape students into productive and socially responsible citizens.
  • Clearly defined pathways to completion and post-graduation success.

SM经典合集 faculty, staff, and administration support this experience with:

  • A responsive and data-informed educational community that is committed to providing the best possible experience for its students.
  • The use of current technology and teaching practices leveraged to deliver rewarding and relevant learning experiences.
  • Accessible, streamlined services that empower students to be independent while promoting growth and accountability.
  • A commitment to inclusion, diversity, and a caring approach built on mutual respect.


SM经典合集 will fulfill its mission by:

  • Providing associate degree programs and coursework to prepare students for transfer to baccalaureate institutions.
  • Providing associate degree and certificate programs to prepare students with career skills to enter or advance in the workforce.
  • Preparing students in core academic areas for success in college-level studies.
  • Surrounding its academic programs with supplemental learning opportunities and support.
  • Creating a safe learning environment that is student-centered and effective in its delivery of services.
  • Providing the resources and support needed to meet students’ educational and personal goals.
  • Enhancing campus life through extracurricular activities and community events.
  • Providing business and industry services and training in support of regional economic development.
  • Offering continuing education, professional certification, and personal enrichment opportunities.
  • Being a center of cultural activities, providing enrichment to the community.


The college serves many stakeholders and is committed to identifying and responding to their needs and expectations. These stakeholders include:

  • Prospective, current, and former students
  • Communities served by the college
  • Employers
  • Educational partners, including pre-K-12 educators, transfer institutions, and peer community colleges
  • Foundation members, donors, and other supporters of the college
  • Accreditors
  • Local, state, and federal government
  • Grant entities or agencies
  • College employees

The college is specifically charged with serving stakeholders in the college district and service region. The Union campus is located west of St. Louis County and attracts students from across east-central Missouri.

Taxing District SM经典合集 was created and is locally supported by residents of the college district. The SM经典合集 District includes six public K-12 school districts: Crawford County R-1 (Bourbon), New Haven, St. Clair R-13, Sullivan C-2, Union R-11, and Washington; as well as four public K-8 districts: Franklin County R-2, Lonedell R-14, Spring Bluff R-15, and Strain-Japan R-16. This taxing district includes most of Franklin County and portions of Crawford, Gasconade, St. Charles, Warren, and Washington Counties.

Service Region鈥擝eyond the college taxing district, SM经典合集 is charged by the State of Missouri with providing programs and services to an extended service region comprising portions or all of Franklin, Warren, Gasconade, Osage, Maries, Phelps, Dent, Washington, Montgomery, St. Charles, Callaway and Crawford Counties.