ECC Honors Program

Honors Coursework

Honors courses are designed for academically inclined students with an interest in diving deeper into one or more subjects. Honors courses are not meant to be extra work. Instead, they provide opportunities for students to participate at a more profound level with the subject material through projects, discussions and assignments designed to engage the interest of high achieving students and guide them to greater discovery.

Honors courses come in two varieties. There are honors specific sections of some courses (such as English Composition). Honors option courses are regular sections of the course that allow students to take that course for honors credit. Faculty electing to offer a particular course as an honors option course choose alternate coursework for those students and provide mentorship throughout the process. A list of preapproved honors option courses along with approving instructors can be found below. Students in other courses may request that their instructor allow them to take the course for honors option credit.


Student eligibility for honors option courses is based on faculty recommendation/approval. Placement into honors specific courses is on a by course basis and can be found in the catalog.