Summer Learning Academy

Summer Learning Academy

Registration for Summer Learning Academy 2024 is now open!

The Summer Learning Academy (SLA) is available at no cost to registered students thanks to the generosity of area organizations and businesses!

There are nearly 100 class offerings available every summer. SLA classes are a unique, fun experience for children ages five to 18 and are designed with curiosity and creativity in mind 鈥 letting students develop talents and encourage exploration and personal growth. The classes are offered in Union and Rolla to provide students with a fun college experience before they ever start their college career!

  • Junior Welding
  • Newborn/Pediatric Nursing: How To Care For Baby
  • Improve Your Improv
  • Fiber Crafts
  • Get to Know Franklin County
  • Escape Room – Post-Apocalyptic
  • Picture Yourself as a Nurse
  • Outdoor Photography and Basic Editing
  • Fishing
  • Industrial Engineering Robotics
  • Cheerleading
  • Animal Portraiture
  • Clay Play Days
  • Fire Safety
  • Hogwarts Literature/Wizardry
  • Cardboard Sculpture
  • Video Game Design
  • Youth Life Skills/Self Defense
  • International Patterns
  • Drumming Leadership
  • ECC Youth Theatre Troupe
  • ECC Teen Theatre Troupe
  • How to Be an Entrepreneur
  • Internet Safety
  • Meet Weston Little Hoof – Mini Horse
  • American Sign Language
  • The Things You Cannot See
  • Introduction to Kayaking
  • Basic Archery
  • Juggling for Beginners
  • STEM Academy Teaching
  • Mammals of Missouri
  • Picture Yourself a Radiologic Technologist
  • Jazz Funk Dance
  • Teen Deputy Summer Academy
  • Junior Science by Brewer
  • Picture Yourself As A Nurse
  • Science by Brewer
  • WEDO Robotics
  • EV3 Robotics

Find all classes currently offered at the Summer Learning Academy Class Schedule.

Donate to Summer Learning Academy!

Summer Learning Academy is available to students at no cost thanks to our sponsors, as well as donations from generous community members such as yourself! Please consider donating to the Summer Learning Academy.

Frequently Asked Questions

How may classes can I sign my child up for?

You can sign your child up for up to four classes! They will be put in their top three choices and on an alternate waitlist for their fourth choice. We do ask that you only submit one registration form per child. If you need to make changes, please contact us at, 636-649-5803, or 636-649-5804.

How does the alternate waitlist work?

Kids are put into their top three choices and on an alternate waitlist for their fourth. If they are dropped from a class, or a class is canceled, they will then be put on the bottom of the list for their alternate choice, as if they were just enrolled. Depending on the class, they could be put on the regular waitlist. We do this to try to get as many kids into classes as possible.

If your child was put on an alternate waitlist for a class that was not their fourth choice, that was done because the class was already full with a waitlist by the time we processed your child鈥檚 registration.

When will I receive confirmation for my child鈥檚 classes?

We will send out class confirmation emails as soon as we can! Please be patient with us as we have a small staff working as fast and efficiently as we can to make this program possible.

We will send out another class confirmation email one month before the start of the class.

Can you send me a list of my child鈥檚 classes?

Yes. Please be patient with us as we are working as fast as we can to get confirmation emails out.

Does my donation affect my child鈥檚 registration?

No. Registrations are processed in the order that they come in. We do not look at donations while we are processing registrations. Thank you for your donation! We appreciate all donations as it helps keep SLA running.

Will you call or text me about my child鈥檚 classes?

No. Email is our main form of communication. We will send out information regarding classes in emails as we do not have the staff available to call every parent or guardian. Please make sure you are checking your email regularly, including the junk folder, or you may miss important information.

We may call if there is an important last-minute change regarding a class.

Why have I not received any confirmation for my child鈥檚 classes?

You may need to check your junk mail.

Why is my child on the waitlist when I signed them up immediately?

A lot of our classes fill quickly. We work as fast as we can to process registrations and close classes, but we are not always fast enough. Please be patient with us as we have a small staff working as fast and efficiently as we can to make this program possible.

Why am I receiving a waitlist email when I already received confirmation?

Likely, the confirmation email you received was an acknowledgement of your registration, not confirmation for the classes themselves. If you have reason to believe that it was not this automated email, please forward the original email to so that we may resolve the issue.

How can I make edits to my child鈥檚 registration?

You can email or call either 636-649-5803 or 636-649-5804 to make changes.

Will you contact me if there are issues with my child鈥檚 registrations?

Yes. We strive to catch any issues with registrations – such as overlapping classes, lack of signature, or incorrect age for a class – as we process them.

Does the number in a class name indicate that it is a part of a series?

No. All our classes are stand-alone classes 鈥 no pre-requisites required! The numbers indicate that there are different sessions 鈥 sometimes with different age ranges or class location.

Will snacks and water be provided / can I send snacks with my child?

Snacks will NOT be provided by SLA. You can send water and snacks with your child. We do ask that you keep it simple so as not to distract from class. Please note that kids will not be able to eat in some classes. Most buildings will have vending machines and water fountains available for use.

Can my child be enrolled in a class they are the wrong age for?

No. A lot of our age limits are in place for safety reasons. If your child will be turning the correct age within a couple of weeks of the class, we might be able to put them in.

What is the deadline for withdrawing?

The deadline is different for each class, but always two weeks before the class starts. For example, the deadline for a class starting on July 8th is June 24th. If you drop after the deadline, you will be charged the $10 administration fee.

Will I receive an email if my child does not get in a class?

Yes! We send emails stating if they are enrolled, on a waitlist, or on alternate list. We will also contact you if we cannot put them in a class due to age. Please be patient with us as we have a small staff working as fast as they can to get these emails out.

How do I drop my child from a class?

You can email us at or call either 636-649-5803 or 636-649-5804. Please tell us your child鈥檚 name and the class(es) you would like to drop them from.

Summer Learning Academy may be unavailable this year, but there are still online courses that you can take! They are available as either instructor-led or self-paced courses.


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Jimmy Johns
Rotary Club of Washington
SM经典合集 Foundation
Advanced Plumbing Systems
First State Community Bank
Brewer Science
Washington Optimist Club
Rotary Club of Sullivan
Taco Bell
Central Methodist University
Rolla Optimist Club
Washington Jaycees