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ECC Online offers the opportunity for you to learn virtually to complete a degree. It鈥檚 a great fit for those students who are good with technology and need the flexibility that ECC Online offers.
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SM经典合集 offers fully-online Associate of Applied Science degrees and Certificates of Achievement in Computer Information Systems and Health Information Management, as well as an Associate of Arts in Liberal Studies. Full details on these programs are available in the links below.

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You can browse all classes offered online at SM经典合集 by going to our Class Schedule Search, selecting the Advanced Search tab, choosing the Term that you want to search, and setting the Location to WEB.

Frequently Asked Questions about ECC Online

What type of student is successful in an online class?

Successful students consistently demonstrate high levels of self-discipline, self-motivation, effective time management, and a willingness to participate in class discussions and ask for help when needed. Although online courses provide flexibility as to when students complete course-related work, successful students maintain a consistent schedule (customized to their unique life commitments) that provides sufficient time to learn the material. They participate in their online courses on a frequent (if not daily) basis and seek help with any questions as soon as possible.

Is it easier or harder to take classes online?

An online course isn鈥檛 easier or harder. It is similar to a course taken in a classroom or lab where a student will be successful if they put the time and resources to stay involved and interested in the class.

What type of computer and technology will I need?

A laptop or desktop that meets the SM经典合集 minimum requirements is a necessity. Although cell phones and tablets are useful for participating in class discussions, emails, etc., laptops/desktops are better suited for writing papers, creating presentations, and so forth. Peripheral devices such as a webcam, printer, and headset mic are also recommended. All other required course equipment will be listed in the syllabus for the course.

Can I take a mixture of online and seated classes?

Yes! Students can take a mixture of in class and online classes to meet their needs. The combination provides an opportunity for busy students with many demands on their time to be successful to finish their certificate or degree.

What support does the College provide to help me be successful in an online course?

A student's primary resource for help in an online course should be the student鈥檚 instructor. ECC faculty are dedicated to providing assistance whenever possible to enable their students to succeed in the classroom.

Additionally, ECC has many resources and support services designed to meet a variety of student needs. These services include tutoring, counseling, academic advising and IT support.


What is Canvas?

Canvas is the learning management system online students will be using that contains their course鈥檚 website, course materials, discussion form and grade book. The online instructor will be teaching the class using Canvas to create a virtual classroom.

Use your ECC student email address and your eCentral password to log in to Canvas.